TINKERING is our super power

THE LEAGUE OF YOUNG INVENTORS is an innovative STEM program for children entering grades 1 through 5. Our after school program takes students on an exciting tour of humanity’s greatest inventions through storytelling, hands-on exploration, and creating. Using their imagination and construction skills, kids look to the past to explore how the MECHANIZED WORLD of today came to be. Along the way, they will sketch, hot-glue, cut, and engineer their way through to their own inventions.

Kids are naturally curious and creative from the moment they begin to explore the world around them. But invention requires more than just curiosity and creativity – it requires the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS to carry a design to fruition. Our approach creates a fun, low stakes atmosphere where kids can TINKER & EXPERIMENT to develop a direct and deep connection with technology.

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Open House – April 14th

Visit the League's inventor's studio from 2 to 4pm, Saturday April 14th, to get to know more about the League and our summer program. Families will get a chance to build your own mini-projects, sampling one of our activities from our week-long summer series.

Open House – April 8th

Visit the League's inventor's studio from 2 to 4pm, Sunday April 8th and Saturday April 14th, to get to know more about the League and our summer program. Families will get a chance to build your own mini-projects, sampling one of our activities from our

Join us this summer!

The Summer Institute This summer the League of Young Inventors will be offering four different WEEK-LONG SESSIONS designed to unlock the mysteries of our MECHANICAL world. Each week combines storytelling, hands-on exploration, and construction to spark a young inventor’s CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY. Weather permitting and where applicable, we

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inventors’ journal
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Lost Einsteins: Op-Ed from the NY Times

Check out this article in the New York Times which reviews a paper research which refers to "Lost Einsteins" who could “have had highly impactful innovations” if they had been able to pursue the opportunities they deserved... Lost Einsteins: The Innovations We're missing

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    review rating 5  My son started attending the League of Young Inventors program in the fall and fell in love with it immediately. LYI has been an incredible "fill in the blank" for the sometimes, over wrought STEAM curriculums taken on by schools. My son spends his Wednesdays after school going to this incredible hands on workshop where he works alongside his peers to understand foundational inventions of the past. He now knows and looks for examples of the Archimede's screw and the benefits of the inclined plane in his day to day life. It is incredible because kids are natural inventors/tinkerers. This is not just another after school program filled with one off crafts. It is a long tale approach and gets to the heart of the "why" behind the invention of the wheel and it's impact for future inventing. A sidebar - The hours for the program are working parent friendly!

    thumb Avani Agarwal

    review rating 5  My 10 year old loves her Inventors class! The class gives her the room to bring her own design and ideas to the inventions while at the same time teaching her the principles of physics and more. She really doesn’t want the class to end.

    thumb Skei Saulnier

    review rating 5  WE LOVE THE LEAGUE! A really excellent program.

    thumb Louis Cordone

    review rating 5  My 6 year old son had a fantastic time at camp! He loved it and was very inspired by the projects! He came home happy and excited each day and wanted to continue working on his project! Highly recommend this camp. My son did the toy making week at camp.

    thumb rachel bklyn

    review rating 5  My 6 year old daughter LOVES The League. Every week she comes home with a new invention as well as excitement about the historical context of the inventions as well as underlying scientific principles. This program in fun and substantive. My 4 year old son can't wait to start next year!

    thumb Ayla Yavin

    review rating 5  My 8 year old son loves to go to the League of Young Inventors! They pick him up in his school and during the class he uses his imagination and crafty skills for over 2 hours! They teach them some scientific principles and they apply their creativity to build their own things. I think it is a really great program

    thumb Maria D. Gea