Before our classes start this fall at The League of Young Inventors, we want to share some of the things that get our inventive minds working. This time around, we’re talking about a few of our favorite kid science podcasts. For those of you who don’t already subscribe or listen to podcasts, they’re a great way to learn something new while making those long summer car trips seem a lot shorter! The next time you and your kids are stuck in traffic on the way to the beach, give one of these podcasts a try.


“But Why” – answering questions from real kids

The first is “But Why: a Podcast for Curious Kids.” This Vermont Public Radio podcast is geared toward kids as young as 4, but the whole family will enjoy listening to these shows together. “But Why” begins with questions from its listeners, and then host Jane Lindholm, along with scientists and science educators, answer their questions. Any and all science questions are up for exploration here, from “Why do cats purr?” to “Are Yawns Really Contagious?” to “Who was the first person?” Your kids will enjoy hearing the questions their peers are asking (and may beg you to record their questions and send them into the show!). The episodes are short enough to hold a young child’s attention span, but the information is fascinating enough to keep much older kids invested as well. Here’s the link to the podcast website:



“Brains On” – kids as science hosts

The second is “Brains On! Science podcast for kids.” Produced by American Public Media, “Brains On!” also features kids in its episodes, but this time, the kids take a more active role. Each week. a different child acts as a science co-host with Molly Bloom. This podcast tackles all sorts of kid-cool themes within science and technology, from monster truck design to slime. Episode 8, “Fire vs Lasers!” is sure to please every kid who dreamed of having their own laser gun. Molly Bloom, producer Marc Sanchez, and reporter Sanden Totten all get into the act and are clearly having a great time with the kids here. The silly skits help get the information across in a fun way. You can access the podcast website here:




“Wow in the World” – a science podcast with an adventurous feel

The third podcast we love is NPR’s “Wow in the World.” This one is a bit different from the first two, in that the hosts Guy and Mindy, are the whole show. With cartoon-style voices and fun, bright-sounding special effects, Guy and Mindy’s scientific conversations sound more like old-style radio adventures, which makes them fun as well as informative. And with subject matter such as the science of stinky socks and “The Fish With a Killer Kiss,” each episode will keep your science-minded kids hooked for the full 20 minutes.  The podcast website is here: